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Randy Travis' Around The Bend Makes It Debut At #3!

Around The Bend, has made its debut on the country music charts in the #3 spot! Only to be preceded by albums from fellow artist, Taylor Swift, who claimed spots 1 and 2. Around The Bend has also made a very strong entrance on to the Billboard Top 200 chart coming in at #14! This is Randy's highest chart debut ever! Congratulations Randy! If you still haven't picked up Around The Bend read what others are saying about it in the following reviews:

Back To Reclaim His Throne

By Stuart Munro

Globe Correspondent / July 22, 2008

Randy Travis

Around the Bend (Warner Nashville)

ESSENTIAL "From Your Knees"

More than 20 years ago, Randy Travis became a star and one of the most enduring voices in modern mainstream country music by spearheading a return to traditionalism, but he's turned his attention elsewhere this decade with a string of gospel records. This new country album, then, is also something of a return for Travis. But it isn't simply a return to what he's done in the past, although it isn't a radical departure, either, notwithstanding the presence of songs like the first single, "Faith in You," a piece of pop piano balladry wrapped in a surfeit of strings. Rather, Travis has incorporated elements that contemporize and vary his traditional sound. He's working similar territory as young'uns like Joe Nichols and Josh Turner via a mix of intense balladry ("From Your Knees," a song that gives voice to an edgy desperation worthy of George Jones), lighter fare [the wry "Everything I Own (Has Got a Dent)"], and uptempo twang ("'Til I'm Dead and Gone," a locomotive of a song that rides a railroad beat and an extended, fierce electric guitar line). His interpretive use of his rich, burnished baritone has never been better, and that remarkable voice is still a force to be reckoned with.

Around the Bend
Warner Bros.

After a decade of helping set the popular standard of country music, Randy Travis made a quiet transition to gospel and crafted some of his most personable, appealing records. He nods to the mainstream once again while still very much doing his own thing with "Around the Bend," a collection that finds the 49-year-old singer laudably unchanged on tunes that are comfortably quaint and rich with homespun charm.

His method is different from what passes for commercial country today. He applies his pliable baritone to the breezy hook of "Love Is a Gamble" and latches onto the simple ballad "Dig Two Graves." He performs convincingly on the contemplative "You Didn't Have a Good Time" and in rendering "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right," he's more playful and friendly than Bob Dylan likely ever imagined.

His values come through in the innocent amusements of "Every Head Bowed" and in the trickling blend of piano and whining pedal-steel guitar in the swelled choruses of "Faith in You." He guides all of it with the surest of hands, a gentle vocal authority that is pure, pretension-free country and a worthy centerpiece for classically tasteful arrangements that should never go out of style.

Essential download: "Love is a Gamble"

-- Thomas Kintner

By MICHAEL McCALL, The Associated Press
Randy Travis, "Around The Bend" (Warner Bros.)
When '80s country star Randy Travis mounted a successful comeback in 2002, he did so by singing gospel music to a country beat, a gambit he repeated over several successive albums. Therefore, his solid new album, "Around The Bend," is being billed as his first country music album in eight years.
In truth, he doesn't completely abandon spiritual themes; "Faith In You," "Love Is A Gamble" and "From Your Knees" feature Christian messages, or at least can be translated as such. Even the playful "Every Head Bowed" spends a good amount of time in church, albeit from the point of view of a young boy who's grumbling stomach has him praying for preacher to adjourn so the family can head out to eat. But the good news for country fans is that one of modern country's most effective translators of hurting songs once again tackles themes of heartache and loss. The album's most unforgettable tune, "You Didn't Have A Good Time," dresses down a man who has lost most everything except the empty bottles piled around his home. Hopefully country radio will embrace this secular triumph just as it did his spiritual ones.
CHECK THIS OUT: In the album's most surprising moment, this down-home country singer turns Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" into a jaunty acoustic tune that would've drawn shout-outs amid a Greenwich Village hoedown 40-some years ago.

Article published Sunday, July 20, 2008
Sounds: Randy Travis goes back to country

AROUND THE BEND Randy Travis (Warner Bros. Nashville)
Travis' deep, resonant baritone seems to come from the floor below, and on this new release it's as mellow and smooth as ever. In his first country album in eight years, Travis returns to his roots - traditional country, mostly ballads, with heartfelt delivery and messages.
So far this century, he has concentrated on gospel albums, very successfully, too, picking up several Grammys and assorted awards for them. He now plans to alternate country and gospel releases. The 11 songs here are hard-core country, yet there's still a tinge of gospel in many of them.
Since his multi-platinum smash debut in 1986, "Storms of Life," Travis has etched his memorable, distinctive voice into the minds of country fans worldwide. Besides recording a large repertoire of hits that have become country anthems, he has appeared in many films and television shows. Music lovers can be grateful that he hasn't forsaken his main job.

Randy Travis, "Around the Bend" (Warner Bros.)

Ever since Travis came onto the country scene in the 1980s, he has shown a remarkable ability to latch onto sterling material, but too often he sounded wooden. Now 49, Travis sounds positively human in his first straight country album in eight years. Apparently he found something vivifying in the gospel music in which he immersed himself for his past several outings.

His oaky baritone remains a rich sonic force, but he has figured out how to bring spontaneous emotion through lively swoops and dives as he negotiates melodies, adding a few twists and turns to what the writers gave him to work with. As Waylon Jennings famously said about Porter Wagoner, Travis is a country traditionalist who couldn't go pop with a mouthful of firecrackers. The songs reflect that, hewing to timeless themes of loss ("Dig Two Graves"), sin ("You Didn't Have a Good Time" and the more lighthearted "Every Head Bowed") and redemption (the title track, "Turn It Around").



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Thanks for the direct link as it does help me get the photo. Mike did offer to print the entire review, chart and photo for me when i contacted him but i did tell him if it wasn't available for purchase as a publication, I just told him I would print it myself. So I can certainly understand his position in the situation.Per his note below he also says they will be interviewing Randy in the near future so something to look forward to: Hi Linda, It is nice to hear from you. Cashbox Magazine is at this time only vailable as an internet web site and there have been no printed copies available. However, we could actually make a computer print copy of the Magazine Cover of Randy and the Cashbox TOP County Albums Chart where Randy is #1 and send that to you. I really wish we had a printed version of the magazine to send to you but this is all I can offer. We do plan to interview Randy sometime in the next two weeks and that will be something you can listen to from the Cashbox site. If you email me your mailing address, I can send the printed items to you. Thank you for Randy and Your friend, Mike Peace Always and Forever...An RT Fan Linda and Guide, Greg
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Yes, it is internet only - i wrote to see if I could purchase a copy and their response was that it was only available online. I liked their review of ATB also - for those who may not have seenit, I am posting it below: Cashbox magazine Randy Travis Around the Bend COUNTRY Reviewed 07-16-08 Randy Travis Around the Bend Randy is back and it was sure worth the wait. To drive record collectors crazy, Randy picked up a great unique voice and somehow really got interested in music way back then from his father Harold Traywick which I own a mint 45rpm on K-Ark records out of Nashville, the A side being "The Reason I Came" and I hope Randys return to Country music will highlight this title and put Country back where it should be. Of all the current crop of stars Randy was the innovator of new traditional country. Unlike all the others you could tell it was a Randy Travis song from the first note and that made him unique, none of today's artist even come close. After 10 years of doing some of the greatest country gospel albums, all of which went gold, Randy is back in full brilliance on the CD "Around the Bend". His voice is like fine wine, it just gets better with age. The first track is a bluesy country track "Till I'm Dead and Gone", A humorous track on "Every Head Bowed" a look at those dining room blessings that get a little carried away as dinner cools down, and a gut wrenching ballad on the demons of alcohol and rehab on "You Didn't Have A Good Time". Other tracks ole J.D. took a llikin' to are "Around The Bend", "Dig Two Graves" and "Faith In You". Sure to debut at # 1 on the Cashbox Country album charts. Always and Forever...An RT an Linda and Guide, Greg
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This paragraph also is in Country Standard Time noting 31,000 sold: Again, way to go randy and congrats from Greg and me. – Taylor Swift has the two best selling country CDs, including one that I available only at Wal-Mart. And Randy Travis had his best opening week ever with his first country disc in eight years. Taylor's "Beautiful Eyes" EP with six acoustic songs and a DVD debuted first on the country charts and ninth on the overall charts. The disc, which sold 45,000 units, contains the title track and "I Heart ?" along with "Should've Said No" and "Teardrops On My Guitar." The DVD contains performances and an interview. Swift's self-titled debut was 2nd on the country chart and 12th overall. This was the first time the top two slots on the album chart were by the same artist since LeAnn Rimes did it in 1997. Travis' "Around the Bend," sold 31,000 units, his most ever first week out. The release was 3rd on the country chart and 14th overall. The charts will be officially released on Thursday.
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Hai there , what a superb one ..I just got the cd from a good friend of mine. I am living in the netherlands....:) probably one of the first listening to the cd here..hihihihihihihi I want to compliment on the chosen tracks....very enjoyable to listen to. I personally like ballad songs and the ones on the cd are outstanding !! just keep up this good work combined with your spiritual way of living now !!!!!! greetings from Femme from the Netherlands ( Zwaagwesteinde, Friesland)
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Hai there , what a superb one ..I just got the cd from a good friend of mine. I am living in the netherlands....:) probably one of the first listening to the cd here..hihihihihihihi I want to compliment on the chosen tracks....very enjoyable to listen to. I personally like ballad songs and the ones on the cd are outstanding !! just keep up this good work combined with your spiritual way of living now !!!!!! greetings from Femme from the Netherlands ( Zwaagwesteinde, Friesland)
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Go Randy! Congrats on debuting at #3 with "Around the Bend". In my opinion you should have been #1. As you can see I'm NOT a Taylor fan, so I think it's crazy her CDs (one being a Wal-Mart special I think) sold more than yours. Hope you can be at #1 soon & show the Country- Pop artists & fans what real country music is!! Good Luck & Best Wishes Randy, Sara
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I saw you on the cover of Cashbox Magazine and I thought it was great. You are also # 1 on their country album charts. I think they are more accurate than Billboard now and are doing a great job. They don't buy into the hype. Heck, Alexa thinks so too. Your new album is fantastic and should reignite your career. You're the best
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<img scr="<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
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I had posted earlier that you could contact the editor of Cashbox and he would print a Cover picture for $10.00 because I was told that they would do it for me. I said that I wasn't interested but that some other people might be. Unfortunately Michael email me saying that he doesn't want to print out whole batch of them but you are allowed to do it on your own printer. <strong>Linda, I am really not interested in printing a bunch of covers for people but I would have done it for you as a fan of Randy's. If you or anyone else would like to print the cover themselves they can copy it from Cashbox and print it on their own printer. The picture is already formatted to fit on a 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper. The link to Randy's Cover is Just click the link and the click "print" from your file menu. I hope this helps you and all of Randy's Fans. Your friend, Michael Peace
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This is great news for Randy!! Is this magazine available anywhere to buy?? I'm going to Nashville, TN, but mostly Shelbyville, TN next week. I hope I can get it.
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I think its only available on line. Randy, check out Alexa. Cashbox Magazine is killing Billboad Magazine at the present time. I'm glad they got you on the cover and at number 1.
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Thanks bugtussell for posting that news about his being #1 on Cash Box Magazines charts. R&R often had Randy's songs/albums at #1 when Billboard would not. So it does make you wonder just who is reporting and who isn't to Billboard.
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I bought two of the new cds. One was the deluxe edition which I will give to my 11 year old granddaughter janelle. she has been a Randy fan for a few years now. Thanks to me. The stores around here ran out of the deluxe edition but I bought the cd for me. Been playing the cd today. I love it. Sandy
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You're not alone Sara in your sentiments. Both on "Around the Bend" and on Taylor Swift. She's a cute girl. But I wouldn't call her country by a long shot. But then I could say that about most people being promoted under the banner of country these days. They can add the word "New" in front of country all they want. It doesn't make it true. I can say I'm the Queen of England too, but doesn't make it so. Dee
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Amen, Sara, Amen!!!!