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Calvary of Albuquerque celebrates Easter at sunrise

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Calvary of Albuquerque celebrates Easter at sunrise
April 9, 3:53 PM ·

Consider the Cross
courtesy of Calvary of ABQ
There is something special and spiritual during the rising of the sun. The early
morning comes alive with light and various colorful hues as the new day dawns.
Easter morning can arguably be the most blessed morning of the year for Christians.
It is the “Son Rise” celebration as we commemorate Jesus Christ raised from the tomb.
After the solemn and sad occasion of his death by crucifixion we rejoice at his resurrection.
The Son of God gave his life for us, even while we were still sinners, but the story
doesn’t end there. We are redeemed through his dying and then rising to eternal life.
The annual Easter Sunrise Service hosted by Calvary of Albuquerque is again taking
place this year at the UNM Lobo Stadium (University Blvd SE and Avenida Cesar Chavez
SE). It is common for 15,000 or more to attend this free worship service, so dress
in layers and get there early. The scheduled start time is 7:30 AM and there will
be music performed by popular recording artist, and Santa Fe resident, Randy Travis
Three Wooden Crosses, Always & Forever
), along with a message from Skip Heitzig, Senior Pastor of Calvary of Albuquerque.
Randy Travis
The emcees will be KOB-TV 4’s Steve Stucker and Chip Lusko, assistant pastor and
spokesperson for Calvary of Albuquerque. He encourages everyone to come to this community
event, the largest Easter church service in New Mexico. It is open to anyone, so you don’t have to be a Christian to attend.
What makes this year’s event special? According to Lusko they are all inherently unique, but now is a time when more people are looking for solutions to their current
crisis (economic or otherwise). He states, “The cross is the answer to man's biggest
This year’s theme "Consider the Cross" will be the focus of Skip Heitzig’s message.
What does that mean?
“It is the central focus of the Christian faith. Paul said, ‘I preach Christ crucified’.
This is where God meets mankind, where he does his work”, says Lusko.
If you can’t make it to the service in person you can hear it simulcast on two radio
stations operated by Calvary’s Connection Communications,
107.1 KNKT and M88 (88.3 FM). You can also view an online webcast through
For more info:


rtfan100788's picture

Danielle I often think has the right idea. With Randy being the exception, sometimes i feel that way myself. Of course, that's not to take away from the friends i have made either. Always and Forever...An RT Fan Linda and Guide, Greg
rtfan100788's picture

Well, ronda, you're welcome; glad to know someone read my post (lol). And i'm glad Jacob had an Easter bunny come to his house. He is a cute boy. Even though he didn't talk much, glad to have met him and Danielle. Always and Forever...An RT Fan Linda and Guide, Greg
Ronda's picture

We definitely need to do that again. Maybe next time Jacob will actually talk. And Danielle was very happy to meet Greg. She cares more about animals than she does us humans you know.
Butterfly's picture

Dear Linda, I read your post, also. I appreciate all the posts that all you people put on here to infom us of Randy appearances. I was not able to watch because I was gone to Church and spent the day with my parents. They don't have a computer. WE are in eastern standard time so I couldn't view any of the service before we left for Church. I did get to watch part of it last night on the site that Lademars put up. Thank you Lademars. By the way Randy is looking rather poorly in the face. Too, thin and I am worried about him working so hard. Some Country stars get all the glory without any work. I love Randy, he is the best......Butterfly God Bless Randy and Lib!!!!!!!!
tigergirl's picture

There has been alot been said about Randy's looks,but I guess I just don't see it .I feel he looks great and aged very well as (like fine wine).There has been talk about his voice also but to me that is just wonderful also.. On the Leno show his hair was wonderful..and on Idol he looked and sound great. I know i am not famous but I hope on my facebook page my friends don't talk bad about my looks.. just a thought.
rtfan100788's picture

Looks are the last thing i really care about even though i wish i could see him many times over. But since i can't, of course, it is the inner beauty that matters anyway. And yes, there may be times he doesn't sound as well as he'd like (his own words), he still sounds great to me. Always and Forever...An RT Fan Linda and Guide, Greg
Ronda's picture

I agree with you. He still looks and sounds awesome to me. In 50 years when he is 100 and I am 95 I will still think he is beautiful! lol
rtfan100788's picture

I posted the article for you all last weekin hopes that all would read it and know about randy being on. Sorry if anyone did miss it but I was hoping when I posted the article, people would know. Thanks. Always and Forever...An RT Fan Linda and Guide, Greg
lademars's picture

I missed it too but you can watch the whole Sunrise Service at this link.
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Thanks so much for posting the link to the Sunrise Service. It was great!! Judy
Ronda's picture

I caught the first and last service. The middle one I was busy playing Easter Bunny. Thanks Linda for posting the link to the live feed last week.
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I did get up early enough to catch the 7:30 (Albuquerque time) sunrise service which as noted in the article was to include Randy. as always, he was terrific. The service began with a welcome, the presentation of the colors, a prayer and then Randy who performed six songs in total if i recall correctly. They were "A Closer Walk with Thee" "Open the Eyes of My Heart" "Raise Him Up" "Three Wooden Crosses" "Forever and Ever, Amen" and "Amazing Grace at the end while many came forward to accept the Lord. Lance Dary and Joe Manuel were there to accompany him this morning. Of course Randy introduced them mentioningthat Joe hadn't played out on the road with him in awhile. the sermon itself was based on Revelations 1 17--18. During randy's portion of the service, he also told the joke about the two guys going down to the Sea of Galilee but not taking a boat ride because of the expense. He mentioned his hands being cold while playing the guitar and partway through the service, it did rain a bit. Randy mentioned how our God is a patient God and certainly has been with him. he then added maybe the Lord could continue that patience by considering having the sunrise service inJune. If anyone else caught it, perhaps you could add. Unfortunately i'm going by memory as for some reason my recording didn't take this morning even though it appeared it was recording. I'm thinking perhaps when they were presenting the colors and it was quiet for some time, it stoped although it usually will send me a message about no sound and pick up again when there is. I don't know. I did record the two services following but internet traffic was heavy and so not the best recordings of those. randy only did two songs during each of thos referring to the praise and worship songs as 7/11 songs, a thought given to him some time ago by a pastor in Georgia, you sing about 7 words and then repeat them 11 times. He was referring to Open the eyes of My Heart, of course and the other song he did at the actual church services was "Three Wooden Crosses." He also told the boat joke at the second service although ommitted itin the first of the two church services. Again, if anyone wants to add to this, feel free. I am glad I got up early enough to catch it. Always and forever...An RT Fan Linda and Guide, Greg +
horsegirl92491's picture

I didn't know about this, but I did find a link on Twitter that took me to the site where you could stream it. Unfortunately I found the link to late, so Randy had already sung! BUT I did find a video that shows Randy singing "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" and a picture. The video is on the right hand side! Here are a bunch more pictures from the service. Great closeups of Randy! (Just click on "Easter Sunrise Service")
rtfan100788's picture

See above - sounds like one might beable to tune in if they would want. Enjoy the read. Always and RT Fan Linda and Guide, Greg