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My Sick Days

Hey, guys. I wanted to let you know that I am on medicine for my sickness and am getting better. Here's what I did so far on my sick days.

Thursday: Got sick at school. Ate tacos with Mom and Dad for lunch. When home and got on the computer.
Friday: Ate pineapple and bluebfor breakfast. Ate crawfish, green beans and fried okra for lunch with Mom Dad and my sister Janice. Went home and did some computer. Ate fried fish for supper.
Saturday: Had brown rice with carrots for lunch. Went to a thrift store and bought a stuffed blue bear that I named after Randy.
Sunday: Had eggs with Dad for breakfast. Went to church. Had soup for lunch. More computer. Ate salmon for supper.
Monday: Went to the doctor. He gave me some medicine to help with my sickness. (Janice has a sinus infection.) Went to Border's Bookstore. My mom bought me the "Glory Train" CD. Had chicken and brown rice for supper.

That's what I've done so far on my sick days. Please comment.