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Fan club

I just love Randy's Ranch and can't wait to see what all will come out of it in the future. Once again many thanks to the Randy Team for all the great work you put into Randy's site. Also Many Many Many Thanks to Randy himself for keeping country, COUNTRY!!!! And also a big thanks to Libby for being there for Randy all these year.
God Bless,


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rand travis is a good singer he have a good voce, i all lesting to his song all the time he is a good prson? i hoped that one day that can meet he soon? iam glad we had him but if wan't for him we wood't be lenting to him on the reado?.......... god bless randy travis and his famly too and thank god for him?
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Hi all, my name is Dolores ( Dee) and Countrybug on the site. I am a mom, grand-mom, and a great grand- mom . All of my family to almost the youngest member, know that I am a HUGE Randy Travis fan. Some of my children and grand children have even taken me to his concerts. Knowing how much I love the man and his music. Of course I get tagged as a " groupie"( in jest) by them. But a small price to pay for the chance to see Randy in concert . They never fail to let me know when Randy is going to be on TV, or somewhere close to where I live .Where I can go see him in concert. I have been to 16 of his shows over the course of his career. In the passed having traveled from NJ to Georgia, Indiana, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania ,North and South Carolina. And of course to the shores in Atlantic City. I have enjoyed every show I have attended. Its always exciting to me, to see Randy in concert, and the fan reactions to him. It makes me know how special he is to them (us ) the fans. Like Randy, I am not much with this modern technology stuff. So you won't be getting any uploaded pictures from this fan. But I will still enjoy seeing those from others, who have the capacity and knowledge to post and share them. I've been a fan of Randy's since he came on the scene back in 1986. He has provided me with some of the greatest country music that the genre has had throughout his career. The essence of his new album "Around the Bend" continues in that vain. It is the kind of music that I fell in love with as a 14 yr old girl. I want to express my deep felt thanks to all those from WBN, for the current support for Randy. His website team (who work many long hours) trying to bring us fans all the Randy happenings and closer to our favorite artist. This new site, and now the fan club being restored is something that many of his long time fans have missed in the passed. Have longed for, for a long time. I'm really excited for Randy again. I hope that all this hard work will pay off for him, his team, label and of course us ....the fans. Dee