Randy Travis Interview

An interview with Randy. Not sure if this one has been posted before or not. I don't remember hearing it but I've listened to so many the past few months that its hard to keep track.


I know what you mean about listening to a lot of them. However, thanks; for this one. I don't believe i had heard this one.

Here is another I don't recall having heard. Others may already have heardit.

103.5 WEZL Concerts/Interviews
Randy Travis calls the Crew
Randy Travis Checks in with the Crew 040708

It looks like this one is out of Mount Pleasant, SC

Always and Forever...An RT Fan
linda and Guide, Greg

Short video of Randy at the 2008 San Joaquin County Fair.

Randy singing Better Class of Losers. This is not an interview with Randy but they play his song about half way through.