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I have seen/heard several early songs on You Tube by Randy...They are from the Nashville Palace (1983)..I would like to purchase these songs if they are on an album, or singles....Can anyone help me here..Thanks


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Hi, there's one on ebay right now that end in a little over nine hours. Hope that helps!!
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Thank you I did go on ebay...but it was too late...One of the members of this site is trying to help also...
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I got it of ebay about 5 yrs ago,and if you want it,well i could send it to you. oh and my name is adolfo....i saw randy last night in austin it was great!!!
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These songs are all on the Nashville Palace Live album which is a collector's item now. I occasionally see the vinyl lp listed on ebay but you are going to pay a good price for it.
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Thank you for the information...I will keep looking...
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This is a really great album and anyone who loves Randy should find a way to get it.
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I love the songs on the album too! I, of coarse, don't have the actual album, but I think lademars or someone gave me a site, which I don't think is active any more, to go to so I could download the songs. I really want to get the album, but although I LOVE Randy the price was getting a little to high for me. Plus when I get stuff on Ebay, I like the 'Buy It Now' section. I did get Randy's first single "Dreamin'" with the B-side, "I'll take any Willing Woman" from Ebay along with a 2002 Randy Calender and a Randy handkerchief. Hopefully there will be another one up soon. Also, when I looked at the one on Ebay, I noticed that on the back that it had a note Little Jimmy Dickens had written. I love Little Jimmy too, but I could not read the letter real well from the picture I saw. Does any know what it says? I did notice that Little Jimmy said some really nice things though! Sara
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Here is what Little Jimmy Dickens wrote: In my thirty five years of touring the world, I have had the pleasure of seeing and hearing many great young and up and coming young artists perform. Not long ago I was in the audience when Randy Ray recorded this live album. To say the least I was impressed. His ability to talk and communicate with the people in the audience was great. "Here is a little gentleman" was my first impression. I know a lot of songwriters who write hits, but not everything they write is good. Some good, some fair, some bad. I did not hear one bad song during this evening. I think Randy Ray is by far one of the most talented writers and performers that I have ever heard. Give any song in this album a chance and it could be a hit. Sit back and listen to one of tomorrow's stars. Jimmy Dickens