I Told You So - Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood

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Beautiful Video i like it. Carry Underwood is looking beautiful in this video. I am tried to go on this show But i cant get Carrie Underwood ticket for this show.

I watched this 100x's since it was posted and I still can't believe that Randy appeared on American Idol, the night before and that night when I confronted my mother and forgave her for my sake. My high school teacher said that it seemed symbolic. I took Randy and Lib's CMA picture with me for emotional support and when I felt like cursing and screaming my lungs out I would sing lines from his songs (I haven't mesmorized any of Randy's music except one, unfortunently I didn't learn that one until recently). I also wore my Around the Bend shirt I got when I went to his concert, six months before. You know, it was Randy and the TV show, Touched by an Angel that gave me the churage to finally call my mother up and set up a time to meet for the final time.

As for the radio here in Arizona. The only time I hear 102.5KNIX or Camel Country108 play Randy's music is four o'clock in the morning. It's amazing how that man could wake me out of a sound sleep and I'm the most hardest person to wake up!!

Which of the two stations you mentioned hearing Randy on ,do you listen to the more frequently?
I'm thinking the one out of Philadelphia is WXTU 92.5 fm. I use to listen to that all the time. The only DJ still there from my last enquiry is Lee Richards. She had the 10: 00 am to 3:00 pm slot. I don't know who they have these days. Is she still threre? I always like her.

She was a huge supporter of Randy. Infact those that were there when he was the hottest thing in radio and on the concert circut were huge Randy fans.

But when they started to switch to the more pop oriented artists and material, they let go all of the DJ's that favored the more tradtional artists/ music, with the exception of Lee.

There use to be an AM radio station out of the shore area too (Ocean City) there for awhile. That I could get if the wind blew the right way LOL. Don't guess it is still country if it even exists anymore.
Dee... A Randy fan 4-ever

Guess I'll have to start listening more to the radio. It sounds like they are playing him quite often. Maybe soon regularly again. Maybe other areas/states will start doing the same thing.

I've been watching some of his video's on YouTube. Many put on by fans. It is amazing the amount of positive comments regarding his talent posted in the comments section. They really warm the heart.

I'm just happy that some of the now country fans are getting a chance to hear the voice of the man that helped make the popularity of country music what it has been for the passed couple of decades.

I still believe had Randy not come along when he did, country music would have been a thing of the past. Even in its current format. I seriously doubt that the now pop country explosion would never have had a foothold, had it not been for the rebirth of the real traditional country artists such as Randy, Geroge Strait, ect.
Dee ...a Randy fan 4-ever

I know every area you are talking about,how nice.
Yes I hope they keep playing out guy, it sure is good to hear when he comes on.

Good talking to you. Alfina

I hope they continue to give Randy some well earned and deserved air time.
I know one of the stations we get here (out of Maryland) is starting to mix in more of the older artists.
Not as far back as George Jones. But more of those in the 80's that came through the door that RANDY KICKED DOWN.

As for my stomping grounds in SNJ. Mostly in Burlington County in the Mt Holly and Mt Laurel areas. Though I did live in Cumberland county for a short time after I got married. I had in- law relatives in Carney's Pt and also the Deep Water area.
Dee...A Randy Fan 4-ever

Hi Dee,

My husband and I agree they may be greeing up for his 25th album. Where about in southern Nj did you live we live in Carneys Point, NJ,


Glad someone is getting to hear Randy on the radio. I'm happy for you Alfina that you do still hear him in Southern NJ. My home area at one time! Still have lots of family in SNJ. And visit at least once a year! Maybe they are geering up for his 25th anniversary year. The current country fans should be able to hear that voice, that so many of us fell in love with back in the mid 80's and still love to hear today...25 yrs later. Though a bit more seasoned, and slightly worn, he is still one of the greatest voices ever to the genre. And once heard regularly on main stream radio.
Dee... a Randy fan 4 ever

Here in South Jersey, I have heard Randy on two different radio station, one from Delaware "Three Wooden Crosses and "Forever and Ever Amen" from a Philadelphia station. It is very nice to hear him so maybe he isn't forgotten .

Congrats to Carrie and her new husband Mike (Fisher) . They make a beautiful couple. I wish them lots of happiness and many years together.

As for Randy and Lib being among the invited guest. I would think it is possible. Given that Carrie has said in interviews that she calls Randy a friend.
Dee ... A Randy Fan 4 ever

I wonder if Randy and Lib were among the guests at Carrie's wedding today?

The nuptials were to take place on today (Saturday July 10, 2010) at The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation, in Greensboro, Georgia, a small community of 3,000 people.

wow how awsome is that!!! ive always enjoyed randy travis but i have to say im now a new fan of carrie underwood!!!! you did it well carrie....

This was on a Carrie fan site and came through Google - enjoy.


Always and forever...An RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg

Carrie Underwood did more then justice to "I Told You So".She sang it with the heart that Randy originally sang it with, plus she gave it the same grit and love that he put into and always does when he sing it in concerts. I never thought that anyone could handle the song quite like Randy Travis. My friends would tell you that is high praise coming from me a 24 year Randy Travis Fan and also it is my favoritye song of his.


Susan Stephens

Awesome video of the performance from Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis on American Idol.