Forever and Ever, Amen

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Please schedule some tour dates in the Raleigh-Durham area. We love you in NC!

I remember I was five years old sitting on my livingroom floor in the little town of Newman where I grew up. This song came on the T.V. and I started singing to it. Mom and dad came and listen to me. I told them that Randy Travis was going to be my future husband. To this day if I hear one of his songs I tell anyone around the same thing. They calm me and makeme smile. Yes I know I am going on 26 years old but this man is a great and very inspiring man and he is one of my biggest role moldels along side my father. I have to this day to be able to go see Randy in concert but one of these days it will happen.


this is th 1st song of randy travis i ever heard love it frm th moment i heard it.this is th song that made my fiance fall in love with me when i sang it to her now it is th song she will walk dwn th isle to,so ty

australia's biggest fan

So many of Randy's songs go straight to my heart, it is hard to really just start picking one for me. but this is the song that kind of drew me into following randy's career, only about nine years before you (lol).
I think this song brought a lot of people who weren't initially following country into the country arena and to Randy. And rightfully so - wonderful song and great artist.

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Linda and Guide, Greg

Wow!! Now this song brings me back to the VERY beginning when I did not know who Randy Travis was!! Back in 2006, I was just 16, I am watching TV at home. All of a sudden, a man walks on stage and I am completely clueless, not knowing who it was. My mom told me "That is Randy Travis" and also mentioned to me that he was a country singer. The moment I heard the beginning of "Forever and Ever, Amen" Right away I loved the song!! Not only did I love the song so much, he had also performed "Diggin' Up Bones" which when I heard it as well that same night, I absoutely loved it. That is when I said to myself, "If I keep looking into his music, I might actually became a huge fan of his music!" And guess what? I sureee did!! Hahaha. He is what I call the BEST in country music. I absoutely loveeee his music, every single song. I am hooked and I am one of his BIGGEST fans as most of you are as well. He will forever be, the BEST in country music and forever I will be a HUGE fan of Randy Travis.

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I always and forever have loved this song....I always thought that when I got married I would play this song...but I am never getting married so I listen to it all the time anyways...LOL

I too think that "Forever and Ever Amen," is the greatest love song of our time. It has such special lyrics and melody, written by Paul Overstreet. Who by the way wrote his book - "Forever & Ever Amen" - about his songs, and Randy Travis wrote the Foreword to Paul Overstreet's book.
Dr Don Givens

Randy has made alot of great music over the years. However, this will always be my all-time favorite.

I can't answer that one for you Denise. He might know someones parents or something. But my guess is that they just selected some kids from among the community to participate on that DVD. I absolutely love that DVD.

The wedding video for "Forever and Ever, Amen" did appear like it was one that he had a lot of connections with the people in it. He seemed so at ease doing it . I think he said that it was his very first video too.

I'm hoping that they have put a video together (or will) for "Turn It Around". I just think video's give a single a much better chance of becoming a hit.

I can just see him standing in the front yard staring at those treadmakrs with that bewildered look he had in the"Before You Kill Us All" video, when the lady of his affections left . He is such a natural actor in scenes like that. Just love the man! He is such a great, great talent. Dee

boy you'd never believe he didn't know anyone in that video. so much for an old rumor. thanks for clearing that up. did he know those kids in the Christmas video from this year?


Randy has said in interviews ,that he knew only one person in that video. The girl that played the bride. She was the daughter of someone he knew.But I forget who he said now, its been so long ago. Dee

was this taped at his brothers wedding or is that all false? It's a great love song and one of Randy's greatest ever.
forever and always a Randy fan,

well, about five years ago, in jacksonville, fl. I was half owner of a restrant/bar [BLIND WILLEZ'S] we had live entertainment and karaoke. my wife was not a big fan country music, in fact had never heard of RANDY TRAVIS. well one night we had karaoke, at our place, and I sang her this needless to say, she to loves RANDY'S MUSIC. in fact now she loves country music, I havent heard her play rock and roll for years. thank's again RANDY we love you, your fans for life ALAN and DONNA...............