Which Is Your Favorite Randy Travis Love Song?

Just returned home from the concert. MyRikki attended her very first Randy Travis concert. Thanksfor not letting her down. The concert was everything she has dreamed it would be. And, as for me, my 3rd. It was a trip back in time to when I was first introduced to Randy's music by my best guy friend. Twenty years past his death, I'm still in love with Randy's music and glad that it was there to steer me through what was one of the most difficult times in my life. Through all the dram surrounding her birth almost 19 years ago, it was to Randy's music with which she was rocked to sleep. It was his music that played while I was pregnant and after I was pregnant. it is his voice that she can pick out of a crowd of people. She picks up on his songs after only one note. The concert was wnderful. Thanks Randy for another wonderful show. And a thank you to the band, the roadies, and everyone else that helped make it possible!!! Thanks so much for always being in ourlives! We wish the best and that God bless you and keep you always.'
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I think my fave Randy Love song would have to be The Truth is Lying Next To You, from Always and Forever. I think that might actually be my fave Randy song all together........ So many to choose from......

We all agree that Randy has recorded many great love songs over the years. My favorite comes from the soundtrack from the movie "Baby Geniuses". The song is called "The Gift of Love". As a mom, it really touches me. I listen to it all the time. I wish that he would add that song to one of his CD's, so that everyone could hear it. It is really beautiful. As for his CD's, I would have to choose "I Told You So". His version is a million times better than Carrie Underwood's. It is nice to see that he is getting the recognition and the much deserved respect from the younger artists.


All of his songs are greater than wonderful. It's hard to select just one song, but the one I've listened to even a lot more lately is "This is Me". Such an amazing song

I have loved randy since i was 5, I played heroes and friends for my wedding party dance, and finally got to see him 6 yrs ago. Ihave totally transformed my daughter into his #2 fan(im #1). Cant wait for him to return to ohio so i can take her. I think my fav song is 1982

My wife and I have been long time fans of Randy. We have no specific favorite we love all of his songs. They are always great.

"He Walks on Water" is another great one that i love that i don't think anyone has mentioned. Any of his songs are great and love to listen to him anytime of the day.

"It's just a matter of time" is my favorite but there are so many more that i love. I just love to hear his voice sing his songs. It makes me teary-eyed to hear him sing. I am so glad to have got to meet him and see him in concert. I hope he comes around dalton, ga sometime in the future. I will always love Randy Travis. RT biggest fan.


I have 30 Fav songs I love to listen to randy while cleaning. If i play any songs other than randy my children consider me cheating on randy

my favorite love song by randy travis is forever and ever, amen. I love how in the video it's with the lederly. They look so adorible.

I guess everyones adding comments about favorite songs, so I'll share my thoughts. Randy has such a loving voice, and it makes all his songs wonderful! My all time favorite is Forever and Ever, Amen, and I love Honky tonk Moon, He walked On Water, His entire first album was the best thing I'd ever heard in my life. I like his traditional Gospel songs the best. I've a favorite hymn of all time, titled, "This is My Fathers World" in the Methodist hymn book. It's actually quite country in the lyrics. That's what I've always liked about it. I'm very country and down to earth, cotton dresses type. Randys voice is like none other! Very loving and masculine! Josh Turners voice comes close!!! Love his voice! He's down right sexy!!! I'd pick Randy over Josh, but I'm talking about their voices! Josh has a great voice! Sunflower

Hi Randy and LIb,
I was wandering if Randy would be doing any inspirational shows this year, more so than last year, with the new album and all. We attended one a couple years ago and loved it! Also, are we to expect his next album to be an insirational one? Thanks! Sunflower

I love "Whisper My Name" as a favorite love song.

i love the song, "promises". it reminds me of what i once had in my life. true love is worth fighting for!

Thought about this for a while and I cannot remember a song you sang that I didn't like.

I love this song I use to sing it almost every night at my gigs...Opryland Hotel back in 93 was a big requested song I played.
Great songs Randy as always your the best !
Tony Ray

my family that loves randy travis in 1987 i was born on march 16, 1987.. after my mom was telling me that he was playing " forever and ever amen in 1987. and i fell in love with that song after i was growning up hearing martina mcbride, new kids on the block, randy travis. anyway randy travis is a great country artists . christain too... i wanted see randy travis live in concert. i wanna hear forever and ever amen... i know the words but i can sign lanuagage to it ... when i get married someday i want that song to be played at that wedding of mine. but after 21 years now i been proudly deaf age 3... and i have cerebal palsy but now i had cohlear implant on my right ear and its working great... but sometimes how i feel that now maybe god has different plans for me and i know that for my self. i believe in faith of god and jesus christ. for my birthday on 16th. i would like have randy sing forever and ever amen to me because i feel sad at times being diffuclity that now im proudfly deaf. but now i do thank god i can hear the music with new chapter of my life with cohlear implant 3 years ago. but i hope everyone will understand abt true stories abt my life and how diffuclt times i have during my childhood.


My favourite gospel songs is Baptisim on the Inspirational Journey CD.

The best ever love song is on the other hand it is so emotional it was the first Randy song I ever heard and have loved it ever since

IT'S got to be, IM YOUR MAN....its on the PASSING THROUGH cd. if you mised this one,you should give it a spin. it also has, I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR EYES, ANGELS, and FOUR WALLS. but everyone knows, all of RANDY'S songs are sure to touch your heart.....fan four life, ALAN

Promises is my alltime favorite song :))

Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart, hands down. Hope to hear it when my friends and I drive up from Newport News , Va in May. We got our tickets the first week of Jan. for the concert in Ocean City, MD. We are so looking forward to it. Just lost my job but at least my concert tickets and hotel are already paid for! I am keeping a positive attitude:-)))

"I Told You So" and "That's Where I Draw The Line"..... they are wonderful songs!

If I had to choose just one, then my ultimate choice would be "Raise Him Up' . A brilliant piece of writing! And one of Randy's finest performances.

I fell in love with that song the first time I heard it. As Kyle said," If that song doesn't touch you, then he dosen't know what will". That song gives me chills each time I hear it. Dee

Every song Randy Travis sings is my favorite song.

STORMS OF LIFE. While it is not strictly a "love song," the line about the girl down the lane, "she almost had me turned around" is meaningful to me and Randy (he DID turn his life around) because we have both been through many traumatic storms of life and have come through to a brighter day. I think the greatest love song of all time for married people is "Forever and Ever Amen."
Dr Don Givens, author of the book: "Storms of Life."

Dr Givens, just wanted you to know that Storms of life is also my favorite.And your right not strictly a love song.But it sure is true life.The line always gettin high when I get low,it's such a simple phrase but so many people have been in that situation.Life is like a storm sometimes but the sunny days sure make it worthwhile.Praise God

PS Randy actually played half of the song for me in San Antonio at a benefit.

Hank44 you are so so right about "Storms of Life." There are several catchy and meaningful phrases in Randy's song in that first multi-platinum album. It is so true to life. Sounds like you have been reading my book on the "Storms of Life" and you are right the sunny days make it all worthwhile. Randy turned his life around for the Lord many years ago and he gave me permission to use that title for my book. (I was his Minister on Maui). Randy wrote the Foreword to my book and I relate a few stories about him, but mostly "Storms of Life" is about the trials and tribulations we all go through.
God bless,
Dr Don Givens
www.amazon.com - searchline - "don givens, randy travis."

Will the Circle Be Unbroken from his Praise and Worship CD. I guess my favorite of one of his original would be 'Have a Little Talk with Jesus'.


Without a doubt, Forever and Ever, Amen is my favorite of all songs, Randy's or not. It has been since it came out... and probably always will be.

forever together

Thanks - glad you enjoyed it.
i pulled that list together some time ago and it amazed me how many songs he had song with the word "heart" in them. but as we all know, no one can sing them like Randy.

Always and Forever...an RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg

Without a doubt my favorite one done live is It's Just a Matter of Time...LOVE those low notes. Other than that I can't pick just one.

My favorite Love Songs of Randy' are: I Can See It In Your Eyes, Dig Two Graves, I Can Almost Hear Her Wings, and The Truth Is Lying Next To You. It is hard to choose. Hope everyone has a very Happy Valentines Day-----------Butterfly

It is, for certain, a difficult decision...but, strangely enough, I believe that I'd have to vote for "It's Just a Matter of Time"...for the man singing that is really in love with the woman who left him. (It's also the song that "got" me to begin with...and I love the low notes!)

How did I ever miss "It's Just A Matter Of Time"in my list of lost love songs? That is also one of my all time favorites by him. I've always loved that song. From Brook Benton to Sonny James and to Randy.

Randy's (of course) is my favorite version of the three. I love the video of that song too. Randy's people always come up with such tasteful entertaining idea's for his video's.
I love the old drive in theater idea to "Faith In You". I'm old enough to remember going to them in my youth Especially on a $1.00 a car load night with a bunch of friends. Dee

My boyfriends fav songs are THE BOX and OSCAR which are so hard to find it seems my fav is deeper than the holler but my all time best even though so many to choose from is WHISPER MY NAME

Definitely too many to choose from. My favorites are "Whisper My Name", "Look Heart, No Hands" and "Raise Him Up"

I love so many of his songs it's hard for me to mention only a few also. Whisper My Name is a great song. Digging up Bones is good and and old one called What'll you do about me is good. I like 1982 also....Operator please connect me... oh to get that phone call : ) Now that would be something!!!!!!! Hello this is Randy.... sigh.....

Still dreaming in Texas,

Yes indeed, almost too many to choose from for sure. I'm beginning to think we may just as well list them all (lol).

But another one i love not on his mainstream CDs is "My Greatest Fear" from the "Black Dog" movie soundtrack.

Always and forever...An RT Fan
Linda and guide, Greg

I couldn't help but chuckle at your comment Linda. I think we have just about listed them all. Though there are still a few I think we missed like.. '.He Walked On Water" "One Word Song" "You And You Alone" "Promises", "No Place Like Home". "1982". As said, the list is endless. And to think all these from a man who everyone turned down so many times. Who would have thunk it back then?

Happy Valentines Day everyone....and especially to Randy and Lib. May they share many more of them....and may we have many more love songs from Randy to enjoy throughout the coming years and to talk about. Dee

Happy Valentines Day to all the Randy fans out there, and thanks Dee for your list of favorite love songs. You made me stop and think of how many of his songs are about love and not just the romantic kind. The greatest of these is love! kmacpink

Trying to decide which is Randys best love song is tough. He has had so many good ones. I'll go back to the Always and Forever and the No Holdin'
Back CD and offer two. First, "the truth is lyin' next to you" is a great love song of love that will survive anything. I love this song. The second one is "Mining for Coal." I think this is one that could have been a #1, if it would have been a single. He sings this song with such passion in his voice. I just love this song and is a great love song. One more that I cant forget is "Written in Stone" from the Old 8x10 album, this is a good one also. Let me know what you think.

Dwayne, you've also mentioned some great ones.
I have to say, i think what makes these all so great is the love and passion randy does put into them.
Have a great day.

Always and Forever...an RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg

Some really great ones. Randy does such a phenominal job of picking "straight to the heart" material. That it is really hard not to love them all or be effected in some way by each and every one of them.

I love everyone that has been mentioned . As well as some that haven't. Such as " Where Can I Surrender" "A Little Left Of Center". ?I Can Almost Hear Her Wings", "I'm Your Man" "In A Heart Like Mine" "A Man Aint Made Of Stone"

"Angels","Labor Of Love", "Above All". Just so many different expressions of love .

Randy is the master of love songs. No matter the intended recipient. Be it wife, mother, God. He does it better then anyone I've ever heard. I've been a fan of country music for many, many years. Have heard many artists . No one tops Randy in the department of expressing love in a song. Dee

Good choices, your list includes some good ones. Had that CD been promoted the right way, those would have been major hits. I heard Randy say that things were not right with the marketing. I believe that this was the reason he left Dreamworks. Anyway I listed 3 love songs that I think could also be his best, let me know what you think.

You've named a few more great ones.
Some of my favoirtes of lost love.
Old 8X10 "I'll Be Right Here Loving You' " I Wish It Would Rain" "I Told You So", " Before You Kill Us All. " "From Your Knees",' Everything I Own Has Got a Dent" ," Thirteen Mile Goodbye" "Long On Lonely, Short On Pride" 'Day One" , 'Once You've Heard The Truth" ,"A Heartache in The Works' , " Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart". "Pick Up Your Oars & Row', 'I'ts out Of My Hands". Everyone is such a great song. Dee

I also really enjoy those songs to. All of Randys songs to me are favorites. I can't just choose one. I like them all. I can't believe how many I have forgotten. All of those other songs mentioned, are awesome love songs. They are great to listen to. All of them are favorites, especially Its Just a Matter of Time, because of the low notes from Randy.

Another song i've always loved and wish had been a single is "Let Me Try" from the "High Lonesome" CD.
There is just something about that song i've always liked. Of course, I'm sure part of it is the way Randy sings it withoug a doubt.

Always and Forever...an RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg