I Told You So –The Ultimate Hits DVD

Randy Travis, has become a Country icon. I Told You So –The Ultimate Hits Of Randy Travis is the title of Randy’s first double-album greatest hits CD and this video companion both. This comprehensive video collection, featuring 16
selections, spans Randy’s phenomenal career on the label to date. With 14 #1 Country hits and nine other Top 10s, the DVD and CD tell it like it is: Randy Travis, one of CMT’s “40 Greatest Men of Country Music,” is one of Country music’s all-time greatest artists.

The DVD is set to hit stores on April 21, 2009

Forever And Ever, Amen
I Told You So
He Walked On Water
Three Wooden Crosses
(CMT Unplugged at Studio 330)
Look Heart, No Hands
Better Class Of Losers
An Old Pair Of Shoes
Would I
This Is Me
No Place Like Home
Whisper My Name
Before You Kill Us All
Heroes And Friends
The Box
Are We In Trouble Now
Faith In You


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I was wondering after hear this guy.....from where i get one dvd.

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I'll totally buy this dvd

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Thanks for sharing some information about one of the “40 Greatest Men of Country Music". In 1980 Randy Travis arrived on the American music world with his first album "Storms of Life" and it was a big bang. He is not only a Grammy Award winning singer but also a good actor.
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I have the new DVD "I told you so," with the song, Are we In Trouble Now. Based on the pictures in the video, is that the young girls father? Husband? What is the story behind the song?



The older man in the video I'm sure is suppose to portray the girls father. The young man she keeps (remembering/ seeing) in the video, I think is the boyfriend that her dad doesn't want her to be involved with due to their diferent cultures. Thats the take I get on that story line. So the father sends her away, to keep her from seeing the young man. Dee



I just wanted to wish Randy a happy 50th birthday. I really love his voice!! I will be turning 50 in the beginning of June. I will try to see him on Mothers Day in NJ. Please tour more on the east coast. I know a lot of people who would love to see him too. My best to you Randy! --Sherri in PA.--

Randy, here's wishing you a Very, Very, Happy Birthday on Monday, May 4th. Hope that you have the best day ever. Thank you for all your wonderful music. I anxiously await your next album. You are the best.

Happy Birthday Randy! I hope you enjoy your special day! It is not official as yet....but this morning on the Real Time Tracker your #1 hit I Told YOU So from 1988 is just about to hit the top of the chart again!! Sure looks as if Randy will be having a birthday week celebration!! Congratulations!
No.1 Carrie Underwood Feat. Randy Travis I Told You So
+342 Carrie Underwood Feat. Randy Travis I Told You So

Happy belated Birthday Randy.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Thank you for all the wonderful years you have given us in music.

God bless


Is WXTU sponsoring any one of the east coast shows that Randy has
comming up? Are they even mentioning it? Or his up comming birthday?
When he was the 200 pd gorrilla that carried Country Music on his back, whenever he had a concert in the tri-state area, they would constantly
promote it and play Randy's music all day long.
Those were the days!

I'm wondering if they even honor his birthday these days.

I too wish Randy a really happy, healthy and blessed 50th ! Dee

It is Fanastic, Jersey Girl

The video DVD is great. Wish all the videos that he made were on there. I love it. Butterfly

Where did y'all order yours? I ordered mine from Amazon, because I didn't see anywhere here where you could.


I ordered from Amazon, too. I haven't checked at our Wal-mart yet. I didn't want to take a chance and miss it. If Wal-mart has it , it will be much later. Butterfly

Wal-Mart here in Kansas City did have it. I bought the last one they had in stock. I was so happy I didn't have to search for it. For some reason I neglected to pre-order.

Well, I didn't pay extra for fast shipping so probably won't get the new DVD today but i did get my shipping notice from Amazon the other day. I can hardly wait.

Always and Forever..An RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg

Which stores will carry the new DVD? Just so I don't waste time running around looking for it when I could at home watching it. More Randy? Yahoo! kmacpink

DEar kmacpink,

I haven't heard of any store that is going to carry the DVD. But, I suppose that Wal-mart will have it at the store and online. Some of the club members, me included ordered ours from Amazon.com. Maybe there will be a post about it hear sometime soon................Butterfly

Thanks for the tip, Butterfly, I tried a few stores and didn't see it, and there's no Wal-mart near me, so I too ordered it from amazon. Should be here in a couple of days. By the way, does anyone besides me like the way he looks with a touch of gray in his hair and the lines on his face? Trust Randy to be the real deal fom the inside out! kmacpink

Cant wait to add to my collection,,,,,

Cant wait to add to my collection,,,,,

I wish they would come out with a DVD of "Wind in the Wire". I recorded it from T.V. but would love to have it on DVD. My VHS tape is wearing out. I really love that CD. I'm workin on wearing it out also. Mary

I've said numerous times it is one of my very favorites of his CDs. I too wish they'd come out with a DVD of the movie. I did write CMT some time back to see if they might include it on their movie night they had but never a response nor did they do it that i'm aware of.

Always and Forever...An RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg

Mary, I'm guessing you are talking about the movie "Wind In The Wire" since you mentioned having taped it from the TV. I too, would like to
have that on a DVD. He did put out an album (CD) with the songs that
he did in that show. I love that album. True ole fashion country/western
music. Dee

Would anyone be willing to share a copy of "The Wind in the Wire" VHS tape? Besides Forever and Ever, Cowboy Boogie is my absolute all time favorite song! Does anyone remember which network aired this movie? Maybe if a bunch of us Randy fans would contact them, they might re-air the movie. We can certainly hope so. Thanks!


Yes, the TV show Wind In The Wire is what I was referring to. As Linda said, it is one of my favorite CDs also. It has probably had more play time than my others. My favorite to take on a car trip. CD for my husband's car and cassette for my Blazer. Let's keep bugging them, maybe it will be available one day. Mary

Butterfly, glad you finally got to go this year. Cold or not, Randy can sure warm one up in a hurry.

I hope you get another this year but if not, at least soon.

Always and Forever....an RT Fan
Linda and guide, Greg

Betty, if you are asking when he last put out a DVD, I think Christmas in the Pecos would be it. As far as videos, they did have the faith in You video of course and the DVD that came with the CD with the CMT unplugged things on it. That's all I can recall.

always and Forever...an RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg

Just ordered my DVD. Can't wait to get it. My husband, myself and two of our grandchildren went to see Randy at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Fl. in March. It was a great concert. Rather cold but I didn't care. Randy is the best. I hope that I get to attend another Concert this year. Hi to all the Randy Fans............Butterfly

I was surprised to see "No Place Like Home" on the list included on the DVD too, Linda.
I too recall reading what Randy said about having made the video but not liking how it turned out. So they didn't use it.

I suppose it is possible that they went back and altered it somewhat, to now meet their satisfaction. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it.
I was hoping that "Point Of Light" Would be on it. I know its just a performance video, but still one of my favorites. Dee

Well, since we really don't even know what or how the DVD is done, it could be they just present the fact it was made. I guess only time will tell.

Always and Forever...an RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg

My birthday is on the day his new dvd is coming out, so this is going to be a birthday present to myself. Already preordered it and really looking forward to it!

I saw it when they aired the making of wind in the wire movie. I also remember a tv special where randy was on,and jeff foxworthy. I remember an american flag behind randy??

Look forward to seeing this . When did he last put out a DVD??? Beatty

Randytravis75, this is your very own post back in March so evidently you heard or saw the same thing I did.

Posted by
Sat, 03/28/2009 - 11:58am
I was watching a tv special on randy travis back in the 90s,and they said that WB had taped a video for No Place Like Home,but they decided not to air it? I remember bits and pieces of the video of them showing randys face then a girl,and then radys face again???

I don't even see where i even responded to this post but obviously the information was just as i stated; it was made but not aired.

I can't say you saw the same show i didbut I did hear Randy himself say it. i just happened to run across your post on a different search today but since it was mentioned in yesterday's post, I just thought I'd repost even your post.

Now, it could be that at some point or time one of the channels such as TNN could have showed clips of it or something but never was officially aired on such channels as CMT, etc. Just a thought.


Always and Forever...An RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg

Now now, no need for sarcasm. As for me, I don't recall ever having said there wasn't one made; I know one was made. . i believe what i said was according to an interview I heard one time, it was randy who said they made one but it was never released as they didn't like the way it turned out. I guess i just put my trust in what he said.

All the places that ever list is videos on the internet, that I've seen, have also never had it but that doesn't mean it hasn't been decided to release it now for this DVD. I can't say.

Since i have numerous interviews onVHS and radio interviews, I can't even say which one it was right now; if i ever run across it, I'll let you all know.

always and Forever....An RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg
of videos and radio interviews


There is a video for NO PLACE LIKE HOME! From what the post says? 16 videos? Hey look linda,ronda..I was right

Just got mine - about to sign off here and go listen to it. Can't wait.

Always and Forever...An RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg

Yes you were right although the video was never released ,,from what i can remember Randy did not like how it came out....I would still love to see it,,,,anything he does is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!