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Randy Travis To Perform On The Tonight Show In Support Of "Greatest Hits" Release

Randy and WBR are proud to release Randy’s greatest hits album I Told You So: The Ultimate Hits of Randy Travis on March 17, 2009. The 32-track album features two previously unreleased tracks featuring the many hits of Randy’s extensive career in country music, including “Forever and Ever Amen,” “Three Wooden Crosses,” and the album’s first single “Turn It Around,” will impact radio on March 12. Word Records will also be releasing Three Wooden Crosses: The Inspirational Hits of Randy Travis on March, 17 as well!

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  In support of the album’s release week, Randy will perform “Turn it Around” and “Forever and Ever Amen” on the outdoor stage of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on March 13.


Angels4RandyTravis's picture

I just read about Randy being on The Tonight Show in The Tonight Show's website. I can't wait for this to come on. I will record it. But have to buy another video. It has been a while since I have seen Randy on tv. Thanks
cherokey42's picture

It's great to know that another album will be coming out from my favorite singer. I will be sure to watch him on tv on the 13th... I have been seeing comments about his concerts at different places..I have yet to see any postings for concerts past March. How can we get tickets if we don't know when he's coming to where???
drgivens's picture

If you will click on "more tour dates" you will see concerts thru September 2009. Dr Don Givens
cherokey42's picture

Thank you very much ..I didn't really check the day of my posting. My mistake again...
randyfann1234's picture

Two Randy CD's coming out at once? That's awesome!
randyfan4ever's picture

I'm so happy that Randy will be on the Tonight again. Can't wait. Janet
rtfan100788's picture

Dee, i think they are actually releasing the song as a part of promoting the Ultimate hits rather than ATB. Of course, as we know, it is on ATB but also on The Ultimate Hits and i think the release actually is to promote the March releases. No matter what, I just hope radio will play this one anNo matter what, it will jsut be good seeing Randy on a national TV show again. Always and RT Fan Linda and Guide, Greg
Countrybug's picture

Oopps! sorry for the goof. I hadn't noticed that I made that connection to the "ATB" album. Thanks, as always Linda, for reminding me of it being on the "Greatest Hits album too. :). Is there going to be a video to go with the singles release? Just curious. I really hope so! I think it could make a cute video. Dee
Countrybug's picture

I, like everyone else am excited to see Randy perform once again on the "Tonight Show" before Jay departs. I'm also happy to hear that WBN will be releasing a new single from "ATB" . I was begining to wonder if there was going to be another single from the album, given how little attention radio gave the other two singles.. Looking forward too, to the albums releases. Love having all of Randy's great hits on one album. The same for the gospel offerings. Don't know how much Carries current single of "I Told You So" will help Randy's new release. The different times I have heard it (when it first got released) not a single mention by radio, that it was a Randy composition and hit years ago. Dee
fran's picture

Looking forward to seeing him on the show, I'll have my vcr ready to go!
horsegirl92491's picture

This is so great! I'm so glad Randy is performing on the Tonight Show! I figured the new single was "Turn it Around" since its on the Greatest Hits album coming out! Can't wait to see what special bonus offers that the Fan Club has in store for us! I will definately request this single hard, I tried with "Faith In You" & "Dig Two Graves" a couple of times, but I never heard it. Maybe with Carrie's ITYS out, it will help Randy some... Sara
drgivens's picture

We will be watching on Friday the 13th! That is great news, thank you RandyTravisTeam. Dr Don Givens
tootsreds's picture

I am so thrill to read that Randy will be on national t.v also, I can't wait. Jersey Girl
rtfan100788's picture

I'm glad to see randy is finally once again going to be on the Tonight show. there have been a few times i thought he should have been, i.e., when TWC was #1 on four charts and when Around the Bend was released last July. It's about time he's back on national TV again. I'm looking forward to it. Always and RT Fan Linda and Guide, Greg