Life of the Party

I'm trying to find out if Randy ever recorded a song that he sang on a Matlock episode. It had the lyrics, "I'm the life of the party; I'm everybody's friend; the center of attention, and that's how it's always been. They love to see me coming and they hate to see me go. But, it's just a game I'm playin', and I'll never let them know...and the life of the party dies a little every night."

I've been singing this song in my head for years and wish it was recorded! Someone please tell me it's out there!!!!

--A devoted fan

I'm watching this episode now (recorded from TV a few days ago)> The song is beautiful, and beautifully performed. I love Andy Griffith's face as he realizes what a treasure he has picked up in the young man who really doesn't know much about painting houses! I hope someone will find an audio recording, or that Randy will make one. Meanwhile, it's on YouTube, but I imagine that's an illegal copy, alas.

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I remember that song also, Angela. I had it on an old CMT Special titled "Heart to Heart." Stan hitchcock hosted it with Randy in 1989. I wish he had done the entire song; it was pretty..

Always and Forever...An RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg

What about the song that he sings on this dvd in the begining while he is in the tour bus. This was very good also. Don't know the name of it though. Or the song he sang part of in the interview I don't know 15 or 18 years ago, about two old friends. I would love to have these on a cd. Of course I would love for him to put out a cd with all of his songs from movies or tv.


I bet there are a number of songs Randy has written and performed at various places never recorded such as the sopaipilla song. I also have one one he once did on a radio show titled "She Came with the Frame." It's another cute song.

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Linda and Guide, Greg

Yeh, this is my house, let me show you around
The one that we bought when we first moved to town
Some items are missin' she took 'em when she left
But I'l show you a few that i kept for myself

Well, this is my chair when she told me to sit down
And proceeded to tell me about the new love she had found
And there is our bed where i layed down and cried
Shortly right after she told me goodbye

And that picture that you see on the dresser by the bed
That's not the way she looked on the day that we were wed
Let me explain
she is not the girl that brought me so much pain
Yes, she is lovely but i don't know her name
She's not to blame, she just came with the frame

I remember the day I bought that frame myself
Put our picture in it and then set it on the shelf
But after she left me, I couldn't hardly stand
To see us and know she was with some other man
So I cut out her face and all that remains
Was me and the girl that came with the frame

So now I've explained
She's not the girl that brought me so much pain
Yes she is lovely, but I don't know her name
She's not to blame, she just came with the frame
Ain't that insane, she just came with the frame

To my knowledge that wasnt recorded.

A sad instance, just like 'Do you still read my horoscope in the paper every morning, to see exactly what I'm gonna do? Do you still my horoscope in the paper every morning, to see if I'll be coming home to you?" was never recorded from that scene in Black Dog...

Tsk tsk...

4ever and ever amen,


Truly I wish that I had good news for you, but I do not believe that he has recorded that song. Perhaps you could request it through his office or label, Warner Bros.