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Happy Father's Day!!!

This is a verse from your fellow country singer, Reba McEntire's song, "Bobby". I've told you on several occasions that I think of you like a dad to me. This father's day, I wanted to post this to you:

Randy, I’ll take care of you, I’ll never let you down
No harm will ever come to you as long as I’m around
You have taught me not to fear what people say or do
The only thing I fear is being here...without you

All I did was change "daddy" to your name, Randy. Its been real hard on me, hearing about what's been going on the last few weeks and its hard not being able to do anything but pray for you. I know I should trust God that you'll get through this and I do, but I still cry every time I'd listen to "More Life" and "Road to Surrender". I hope the next time you come to Arizona, I'll have money to go see your concert. I'm gonna miss you, tonight. :(


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l think it's great that you're man enough to admit to being able to cry. I'm sure that Randy admires that . I'm sure that he also admires that you can admit to needing someone. Since he can't talk to you about your feelings, though,l am sure he would want you to find someone else to talk to so you won't feel alone.l suggest you start with your Heavenly Father who can lead you to the right person. One other thing. Don't sweat about Randy. He draws strength from knowing that people love his music and understand the love that shines through it from him to them.All you have to do is stand by and listen.
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When you say, "man enough to cry" are you thinking I'm a guy? Because I'm a girl. I do have other people to talk to, including my Heavenly Father. I know I'm never alone, either. Thanks for the advice, though.