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Randy These Days

Things have been so quiet on the blog. Do any of you know what Randy has been up to lately? Is he working on anything ? I figure someone on this blog may know. How is his lime disease doing? I'm outside all the time, and I see a natural Dr. and I was diagnosed with limes last summer. I was already suffering from a medicine the doctor gave me that about killed me, made me gain a bunch of weight, etc. I'm doing much better, I'll find out about the limes in Nov. again. I've been wondering how Randy was doing . Do they ever actually get rid of it? I was given things to take, it's all new to me. Sunflower


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The only treatment available to date is antibiotic. If caught early and treatment given in sufficient dosage over sufficient time all is well in most cases. There remains a significant number of treatment failures usually as a result of insufficient dose/time of treatment and/or late diagnoses. These treatment failures have proven to benefit significantly from longer term antibiotic treatment and patients sometimes have to be very demanding to receive such treatment. One has to be realistic...not being able to find something by available methods in science means nothing to the sick patient who recovers after many weeks/months of appropriate treatment. Therein lies the difficulty and undermining of appropriate treatment. The cost of treating lyme disease with antibiotics can be expensive so you need more than <a href=" ">extra cash</a> in the relative short term so without a doubt business/politics become involved. Without a definitive test the door is left open for money to rule over health. However, the cost of not treating lyme, or treating it inadequately, is infinitely more expensive.