I Told You So

This guy did a remix of Carrie's version with Randy's version to make the song into a duet.


Randy Travis came out strong. He went thru almost all of his hits. He did some new stuff and some old stuff that wasn't origonally his(King of the Road).Randy's voice was awesome!

The duet does sound pretty darn cool!

Oh I agree whole-heartedly it is a matter of opinion and everyone is entitled. For that reason, then no one should seem to be upset that some on here seem to feel Randy did do a better job.

As far as who one wants to listen to also is a matter of preference; I happen not to mind listening to the same person all day if the mood moves me. . And that's not even to say i always do.

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I do listen to music from other artists but never tire of listening to Randy. I rarely listen to the radio because country radio plays very little country music these days.

Ronda, that is almost putting it mildly; I thinks she screams it in my opinion.

I really did like Carrie on AI when she was a contestant and even voted for her because there she knew how to sing country.

But i have to agree with you on this one.

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I definitely remember the Don Williams song as i always have liked him. Although I do remember The Desert Rose Band as a group, without hearing the song the article references, not sure i can say i recall it.

It is always interesting to look back and wonder what happened to some of those groups and people today.

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I thought this was worth a mention even though i still think Randy far out-sings her in this one.

On CMT News, it reads in part:
"The highest charting new song is Carrie Underwood's cover of
Randy Travis' "I Told You So." It enters at No. 37. Travis' original recording of the song (a composition he also wrote) reached No. 1 on June 11, 1988, after an 18-week sojourn
up the chart.
Here's a tad more history: Songs in the second through fifth position that long-ago week were the Desert Rose Band's "He's Back and I'm Blue," Tanya Tucker's "If It Don't Come Easy," the Gatlin Brothers' "Love of a Lifetime" and Don Williams' "Another Place, Another Time." How many of these can you hum?
Only two artists on the chart that week are also on this week, almost 21 years later: George Strait and Reba McEntire. No surprise there."

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No surprise that I prefer Randy's version. I think Carrie overpowers it.

As for the top 5 songs that week in 1988, the only one I remember other than ITYS is If it Don't Come Easy by Tanya Tucker.

I like his songs. Thanks for the information you provided. It would be great if got more post like this. I appreciate it

Just Beautiful like Carrie always is. She has the voice to go with the beauty also,


She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. Randy is just better, that's all. I can and do listen to him all day, but I can only take so much of her.

Rather Randy is better or not is a matter of opinion. I would hate to listen to the same voice all day every day.

That was cool. I think it would be really cool if they did that song together. I have to get used to Carrie Underwood singing it. I still really enjoy Randy singing "I Told You So". It is an awesome song.

it is cool because i get to meet him in preson at clear lake

One of my all time favorite songs from Randy. I thought Carrie did a great job on it. The remix version of them doing it as a duet is amazing. I wish it had been done in the studio as a duet. It would have given Randy some air time on mainstream radio at least. I'm happy that it has been released as Carries new single. She is really a wonderful singer and person and one who really respects Randy. Of all the recent new female artists to come along, she is my favorite thus far. I really like her a lot. Dee

OK. Here's my opinion of Randy's version vs. Carrie's. IMO Randy's version is a million + times better than Carrie's. Randy sings it with true passion and you can really feel his emotion in the song. 'Ms. American Idol Princess' just sings the song, but I can't tell she means or feels any of the emotions. I'm not a fan of her or her music, but I do like her 100 times better than teenybopper Taylor Swift. IMO Carrie (or Taylor) aren't 'country' singers. So why does Carrie pick a TRUE Country ballad to cover, because she wants to appeal to more traditional fans... I think if someone else in the Country genre could have recorded it, it would have been better off with Josh Turner, Martina McBride, Chris Young, or Kellie Pickler. Josh & Chris have both covered Randy's songs either in concert or on Nashville Star. Josh: "Diggin' Up Bones" in concert, plus Cross Country special with Randy, and then he wrote "Thank That Man" about him. Then Chris: "Forever & Ever Amen" on the finale of Nashville Star when he won! I think one of the girls (Shawn Mayer, I think) this year also sang it. Then Kellie as a Bonus track for her sophmore album sang Keith Whitley's "Don't Close You're Eyes" beautifully! Plus she sings Dolly's "9 to 5" in concert. Then Martina did an whole album of classic country songs and did a wonderful job.

Anyways, I respect Carrie for putting ITYS on her CD, but it doesn't influence me to like her or buy her music. Although I did buy her version of ITYS on iTunes so hopefully some of that money would reach Randy's pocket. I'm glad she likes Randy though, but even Kenny Chesney likes Randy and sang "Promises" I think on something, but I do not like him at all either. To me, this is by far Carrie's best single to date, "Wasted" would probably be 2nd, but I do NOT like any of the others, especially "Last Name", "All American Girl", "So Small", "Just A Dream", and "Before He Cheats". All of those 4 were WAY Over played (especially JAD & BHC).

Hey this is sooooo cool, I love it. The Jersey Girl

This "duet" was pretty interesting but of course nothing compares to the original.

I so agree with you Ronda, it is an interesting duet but NOTHING compares to the original! I like Carrie Underwood, but I love Randy Travis! She seems to respect the song but she sounds like she's trying to hard when she sings it. Nice try, but Randy is still the best! kmacpink