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I'm Sick

Hey, guys. It's been a little while since I posted a blog on here. Unfortunately, I am having a cold at the moment. At least I have Randy Travis songs to cheer me up.
God Bless,


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I've not checked my mail in a couple of days and I am guessing perhaps it arrived today. It is a 10-minute or so walk to the mailbox so i don't do it everyday and now i'm already dressed for tonight's concert so not going to make the trip now. Sometimes our mail doesn't even come until later in the day. I did buy the one song though and had the other from 2004 so they are all on the computer. RTFan1234, get feeling better. As great as Randy's music is, it is still not fun not feeling good. Always and Forever...An RT Fan Linda and Guide, Greg
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That you are under the weather randyfann1234. Hope you start feeling better soon. Randy's music always makes me feel better. Dee
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I feel better just knowing that people on this site care about me. I am anxiously awaiting my "Ultimate Hits" CD to come in the mail. (The cold has been running through my family at the moment. I just hope my parents don't catch it.)
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I got mine today too randyfann1234. Already have them on my PC from other cd's, but will add "it Aint' Right" since that is the only one I didn't have before. I had "Love Is Alive And Well" that was released to itunes when Passing Through was released. Glad getting his fan pack is cheering you up, and making you feel a little better. Oh, and I hope the rest of your faminly doesn't catch your illness. I sure know how that can go. Dee