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Long Time fan

I have liked Randy since i was 6y old. I am now 28 and still love his music.I remember right before my seventh birthday i found out he was coming to Vegas and i wrote him a letter to the casino he was playing at to invite him to my birthday party...I remember the road trip i would take with my grandparents and the whole way to are destination they would play randy for me.I have gone to 2 concerts of his and wish to have been able to go to more but money was always a issue = (...But being able to listen to his music its great. I am also so glad to know that he has a strong religious background and does so much. = ).


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Glad you are a long time Randy Travis fan. Yes! he has a strong religious background and is a wonderful gentleman. We all love his music. God bless, Dr Don Givens author: Storms of Life
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I am glad to see you here on Randy's site. I have only been a Randy fan for 4 years, since I am still young, but sure do love his music very much. I sure can't get enough of it. Its a pleasure having you here on Randy's site :) Take care Forever and ever a # 1 RT Fan Jasmin