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A Gift Of Love

At the end of the movie "Baby Geniuses," Randy sang this beautiful song called "A Gift of Love." The only problem is I can't find a copy of this song anywhere!!! I would really love to have a copy of this song. If anyone knows where I can get it, it would be greatly appreciated. If it's not available my suggestion to Randy would be to add it to his next album. Thanks, Kellie Sioux


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Very interesting post as i didn't know either that there was a soundtrack for Baby Geniuses. I just made my own CD from the DVD. I was on Amazon just now and sure didn't find any soundtrack. I also checked a couple other sites. But since people have asked for this from time to time on the site, perhaps you would be so kind as to share a link to the CD for those who are still wanting it. Always and Forever...An RT Fan Linda and Guide, Greg
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Kelliesioux, There are a few videos on youtube of that song. Here is a link. It can also be found here. Or if you Private Message me I can send you the mp3.
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Hey Ladermars i was going to pm you but wasnt sure how. I would very much like if you could send the mp3 for a gift of love by randy travis. I have been searching for it for a while and have come up with nothing. Email
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Hey that is one beautiful song by Randy, Thanks, Alfina
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If you heard the song "A Gift of Love" in the movie Baby Geniuses then go to and buy the soundtracki for that movie. That is the only way to get the song, until & unless Randy puts it on an album.
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Buy the soundtrack of the movie. That is the only way to get it until he puts it on an album.