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old songs??

Does anyone know anyplace you can get the old songs of Randy? The real old and rare songs from when he went by Randy Traywick? and Randy Ray? I have been looking all over and I can not find them.


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I found a couple of old 45's but they both had the name, Randy Travis on them. They were put out by Paula Records, though. I found them on Ebay. Sometimes, and I do mean very rarely, some will pop up with Randy Traywick or Randy Ray. Jason
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This music seller has copies of 'Randy Ray: Live At the Nashville Palace' for sale. Not sure how many she has left, but definitely e-mail her to listen so some more Randy timeless classics... 4ever and ever amen, Anthony
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I have found both of his first records under both names "Randy Ray" and " Randy Traywick". I was fortunate to find them on EBay But they are so rare that I found them by accident.