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CMA Awards

Everyone ready to watch the CMA Awards tonight? I can't wait! I already have the DVR ready to record the red carpet arrivals and the show. Just have to wait and see who all will take home an award.


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I understand that everyone wanted Randy to win, But you know he won many awards before and I think its time for someone esl to have a turn to stand in the spot light for awhile. <a href=""><img src="" width=287 height=228 border=0></a><br><a href="" target=_blank></a>
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Very true, randy has won many awards but never, ever, did he win the Entertainer of the Year from either CMA or ACM even when he was most deserving of it. And needless to say, he certainly has more talent than some of them. Always and RT Fan Linda and guide, Greg .
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I was shocked at the results of the cma awards. I also wonder why someone like Miranda was singing on the show when in my opinion is not qualifed. She's very ordinary. I'm not excited about Lady Antebellum winning. What is going on? Is anyone really listening to this music? I didn't even see a shot of Randy and Lib. I was stunned when Taylor Swift won. She's very good and very talented. I just think someone else should have won. baa hum bug! cowwoman60 Denise
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Obviously the young folks are Denise...didn't you see all the young teens and early 20's young woman surrounding her when she was performing her second song? They are certainly the demographics who are buying her music. Just as the young girls of pop genre are buying Miley Cyrus's albums. I wouldn't have a problem with any of those newer artists winning in place of Randy if they were truly country artists.But their not! If Geogre Strait can continue to get nominated for "EOTY" for having radio insure that he gets a #1, with every song his label releases on him, is deemed worthy of a nomination . And a standing peformance on every award show. Then why isn't Randy afforded those same special privledges? Given that Country Music would have been a thing of the past ( long before it became so) had Randy not had the success that he did. Which was the lightening rod that had labels searching for like minnded talent It also gave every act who came through that door after 1986 a legitimate shot at having a successful career. During the 5 years that Randy carried the industry on his back, he never won the ETOY award from either of the two major industry awards shows as Linda mentioned. Even though he was the BIGGEST GROSSING ARTIST OF ALL TIME at the time. Had everyone of the 5 albums released those years go platinum plus. And everyone had hit the top of the Billboard country charts.Several setting records for their endurance on the charts and at #1 ! He set all kinds of attendence records at his concerts. As no one had before him in country music. So yeah, those of us, who have followed his career from the start .Who know what he has/had accomplished, feel that he has been unfairly treated by an industry, who continues to benefit big time from the shot in the arm that he gave it. We feel he is every bit as deserving to be kept on radio's priority play lists, and to be among those invited to perform on the award shows, just as GS has and continues to be every year. hugs, Dee
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I was so upset that we got only a rubbish radio review of the awards, which was more concerned about a shop in Nashville where the costumes are made. But reading your review's I never missed much anyway because I would have wanted to see Randy. So I will now stop looking for on the late shows. But it would be nice to have some choice in watching country.
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The awards show just didn't seem as fun to watch this year. Things just happen or change when you least expect it. We just have to move forward and not give up. We can only pray and hope. I still do like watching the shows. I am not going to worry about it. Things just happen for a reason.
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We were having bad weather for the last few days so our tv satellite signal kept going out on us. So I was unable to see the red carpet pre show portion. Thanks Linda for posting that it will be shown anew on Saturday on CMT. I thought I saw Lib on one audience scan. Now that others have said they saw Randy I know I wasn't mistaken on seeing Lib. I had hopef of course like everyone else that he would win for at least the collabaoration with Carrie. Did they even announce who won that? What irked me is how they had every other colaboration nominees perform and not Randy and Carrie.... even though she was the co host. I agree with Jacquline it was three hours of wasted viewing. There was barely any country music at all. The one song by GS came the closest to being country. Who ever thought Darius Rucker could sing is tone deaf. Just like the man himself. Now you know why he was in a group and not the lead singer with Hugie and the Blowfish. I could have sounded as good as he did. You really get to see how much pro tools really help make these artists sell records. when you see/hear them attempt to perform live. Taylor Swift is the female version of Garth Brooks to me. I really hope radio is proud of how they have destroyed a music heritage of this country, by killing off the true traditional country sound. After many previous attempts at doing so, they finally have suceeded. I was hoping that the living legend they were honoring was finally Randy. But I guess he hasn't done enough in his career to warrant such recognition. hugs, Dee
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Sorry, I meant to say Ronda for her comment on the wasted viewing time. I still agree though with her sentiment. It's not going to get any better either. So I guess my viewing days of these awards are going to be very selective... interpretation being if Randy is a part of them. Otherwise I could care less about them and who is on them. Linda, I couldn't help but to think about the PHENOMINAL success Randy had in his early career. Yet neither the CMA's nor the ACM's took his success into consideration when naming the "EOTY". So I certainly can understand where he is comming from in his comment. It's all about who they deem worthy of the honor I guess ,as to who they choose to bestow the honor to. hugs, Dee
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I couldn't agree more, Dee. Saw the term pop twang the other day and thought it fit today's country on the mark. The 'event of the year' award was Brad Paisley and Kieth Urban with that guitar thing. I'll never figure out how Taylor Swift continues to win anything. The only one who comes close to country was Jamey Johnson "In Color" but that beat ITS out so I wasn't happy with that. I find it hard to even watch GAC or CMT anymore so play my iTunes country playlists all the time. cappy
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Not only has the sound of Country music disappeared but also the classy style has changed. Randy Travis, George Strait, Brad Paisley and Martina McBride, and Reba were the only ones who showed any class in the way they were dressed. It isn't how you sound any more but how you look. People wearing toques and worn out looking T-shirts tell me they have no respect for country music. The dresses that some of the newer female artist(and I am using that word lightly) were wearing were to me nothing but attention getting look at me costumes that I pray i never see my daughter wear. Taylor Swift did me a favor by performing that night and showed my daughter the difference between a performer and an Artist with talent. She has seen Randy perform live and was completely blown away by how bad Taylor sounded on stage and has sworn off her music. Gone back to Randy. Country music needs to go back to the roots and weed out the wanna be's.
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Karley, I agree and not only no respect for country music but themselves evidently. I guess to each his own. I found the below article very interesting although of course I agree with Randy on his take of Entertainer of the Year. I also found it interesting that Faith Hill is sooo supportive, supposedly but when Carrie one it, she acted like there was "no way" and then later claimed it was a joke. Anyway, decide for yurselves.,,20316530_20319864,0 Taylor Swift's Success: Too Much, Too Soon? By Eileen Finan Originally posted Friday November 13, 2009 02:00 PM EST Taylor Swift's Success: Too Much, Too Soon? Taylor Swift became the youngest winner of country music's top award Wednesday night – but is the 19-year-old getting too many accolades too soon? Not according to Faith Hill , who Swift has often cited as one of her longtime idols. "I think she worked her tail off the last couple [of years] and she deserves to win," Hill told PEOPLE Thursday of Swift's entertainer of the year award. Added husband Tim McGraw , "I've been doing this a long time and she's got a better head on her shoulders than I do, so I don't know how anybody could complain about that." But some have questioned Swift's rapid rise. Before Wednesday's CMAs, Wynonna Judd told USA Today that the teen's nomination for the prestigious award could be "too much of a good thing too soon." (Swift beat out country heavyweights Keith Urban , Brad Paisley , Kenny Chesney and George Strait.) Judd later apologized to Swift in a note on her Web site, calling her "a beautiful, hard working young woman that deserves the success she has had." But fellow country veteran Randy Travis also wondered if the award wasn't premature. "As a writer, she is a phenomenal talent," Travis told PEOPLE. "When you look at the body of work that she has written at the age when she came into this business, it's remarkable. It really is. But do I think that entertainer of the year might have been a little early? In my opinion, yes, for whatever that's worth." Swift, who was 14 when she signed her first publishing deal, addressed the question after her historic win, telling reporters, "I feel like it's been fast but it's also been a growth curve. I've watched the CMA Awards for as long as I can remember, and I got to come to my first one when I was 15. I know what it means to win a CMA Award. So I look at it from both ways." For more on Taylor Swift and all your favorite country stars, check out the new issue of PEOPLE Country on stands now. And for free downloads from Sugarland, Jack Ingram and others, go to 0.html
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I myself saw Randy in the audience. I saw him at least four times. First I saw him was in the Red Carpet, 2 times, but then caught him during the awards about 2 more times. I was like Yay Randy! (Lol) It was great to see him =) Take care Forever and ever a # 1 RT Fan Jasmin
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Saw Randy on the red carpet. I also saw Randy in the audience a few times. That was cool!
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Can someone tell me where in the show Randy was on? I got tired of watching, so I switched to my usual, SVU, and taped the CMA's. During the last hour, I was online, so I didn't catch it all. I saw him in the audience, but didn't catch him on stage. IMHO, this wasn't an awards show, it was more of a concert. Years ago, we didn't get to see many performances because of the awards. Now, we don't see many awards because of the performances. Never happy, I know! LOL!!! But even the HOF award didn't get the attention it normally gets. Barbara deserved some actual clips of her past, etc. That was a tad rushed, to me. WHEN Randy gets his HOF award, which he WILL, I want to see more about his great career!! I agree, it was kind of the Taylor Swift show.......and I hate to see so many young performers taking time away from the older ones. Unfortunately, to keep some form of "country" music alive, we need the younger crowd............I just wish that more of them were more "country"!! Francie
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I understand there were a couple of panned audience views where they showed Randy back in about the 8th row or so. The only place he was actually on that I'm aware of was the CMT Red Carpet Show prior to the actual awards show. That was on CMT. According to CMT, they will be re-running the Red Carpet Show again this Saturday. Sat 11.28 1:30 PM ET CMA Awards Red Carpet 2009 Hosts Katie Cook and Lance Smith bring you the red carpet show live from the Sommet Center in Nashville. The biggest stars in country music will step out in the highest fashions before the 43rd annual CMA Awards. It is country music's biggest night, and the stars do it right in designer gowns and suits. Always and RT Fan Linda and guide, Greg
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Yes Randy was sitting right behind Leann Rimes. I actually caught a glimpse of Randy three times during the awards show.
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Awww, Randy didn't win. =( I really wanted him to win too. But even though he didn't, Randy Travis, will forever be, the BEST in country music! And I am glad that he was nominated as well. Randy is just truely amazing inside, and outside. He is the BEST! Sorry that you did not win Randy, but forever you are the BEST in country music! And you looked great on the Red Carpet as well! Yay! (Lol) You are # 1 and will always be. =) Take care Forever and ever a # 1 RT Fan Jasmin
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I don't know! I really hope that Randy wins his awards. Also, good luck to all the other artists. I also thought he would of had it, but I guess he was up against some other great acts. TOUGH COMPETITION!!! Hopefully he will get one next time.
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When will I learn? I just wasted 3 hours of my life watching what appeared to be the Taylor Swift show. There wasn't much country music in evidence tonight. At least not what I call country.
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I agree with you Ronda. Alfina
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Jasmin, yes, I heard he looked great on there. He sounded awesome also. Fortunately i was watching and able to hit the record button fast enough to capture most of his comments. Glad I got that because the awards themselves sure offered nothing, for me anyway. Always and RT Fan Linda and Guide, Greg