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Signed guitar by Randy

In the early 1990's, I won a guitar signed by Randy. As I recall, a now defunct music store had a contest where you just had to put your name in a "fishbowl" and, if picked, you won. A few months later, the guitar showed up. I have kept it in the box all these years and it has never been played.

I am thinking about selling the guitar--along with the box and all the supporting documentation that shows its authenticity. I figured that someone at this blog would know where I might sell it so that a fan of Mr Travis would be able to buy it. Does anyone here have any ideas on where I might sell it?



nevarose's picture

well this is my 1st blog ever.. i just have 2 say ur so lucky 2 get a guitar of a famous person.. and RANDY @ that..ur a lucky 1, for sure.. why do u want 2 sell it? i wood dream to have something from Randy.. Right here is a g' place 2 sell it... how much? if u try e-bay u won't even get a close enough price of the value there.. i think so anyways.. do u have ur own web page?.. paste it on there.. i'm quite sure where ever u post it.. some1 so lucky will buy it.. sorry but i can't afford it..i sure wood love it tho.. g' luck if u do sell it..some1 will be lucky.. a true randy fan.. neva rose