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My friend died

Another useless post that has nothing to do about Randy.

A had a girl-friend that I've known for several years. She understood how I felt and feeling. No one else have so she ment the world to me.

Today, she the end of the conversation she took something (dont know what she took) and died.

I'm not sure I can take this and I know that if I take suicide it wouldn't change anything. But as said before, she was the one keeping me alive and now I have no idea how I can survive. Been praying all night but im starting to loose faith, and thats one of the worst thing for me.

Just wanted to write this. And if i dont come online, I will sadly be gone.

God Bless


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Please do not do anything foolish, you have people that care about you. I am praying for you right now. I care. We care. Stay in touch with us. Betty Gerber
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to hear of your loss Andreas and your pain due to that loss. There is one who is there for you in these times of trial and tribulations....he is( as Dr Givens said) Jesus Christ. our Lord and SAVIOR. He can be there for you just reach out to him, and believe. Sometimes it is hard to do when we are hurting so deeply. But he will not fail you. I will tell you that had it not been for my trust in the Lord there was a time in my life that I might not have made it through . Not that I contemplated suicide. But I surely could have died along with my unborn child ( due to the situatation I found myself in, partly due to my own gullability). I know without a doubt that had it not been for God watching over me, keeping me and my unborn child safe in his hands we would not be here today. He is there for you too. I will keep you in my prayers Andreas. May Gods blessings be upon you and keep you safe in his hands. hugs, Dee
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I'm really touched by all of you. I did talk to someone about the situation but I told her not to worry. Everyone here, Jesus, and help from friends have helped me get my faith back. It's still very hard, but I'm doing my best to get by and hopefully, this will just be a painful memory some day. And again, thank you all for your wonderful words. God Bless you all Andreas
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Dukiee at this time thing's are still very raw for you but you are young you have a lot to live for. I read one of your letter's and you said you told your mother you loved her can you imagine how she would feel without you and your family and other friend's. The reply's on Randy's site show that people you do not even know love you. So try to be brave thing's will ease. Flossie
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Andreas...I have been in touch with the people who run the White Wreath Association....they said the most important thing for you to do now is to see your doctor and tell him/her how you feel. This is the first step you need to take to help yourself feel better, even though at the moment you don't think it will help...I promise you, it will. If you feel like it, you can visit to find out more about the work they do. Keep in touch with me via personal messages....please. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I am so very sorry for your loss. Susan
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I am a volunteer for an organisation here in Australia, called 'White Wreath - Action Against Suicide'. We do what we can for people who are depressed and suicidal, help their families and try to raise money for 'safe havens' - places for people to go when they need help. Andreas, I am going to try to find you some help and get back to you on this site again very soon. Please, please...I beg of you, just hang in there. I want you to know I care about you, very much and I know the others who have responded do too...I'm sure all the other RT fans do too, they just haven't had the chance to read your post. Randy Travis Team, can you do anything to help Andreas? I hope you can post this message Andreas gets it as soon as possible. Maybe Randy could send a personal message, or something - this is really serious! I'm sure if Randy knew, he would do what he could to help. Also...does anyone there (in the U.S.) have any phone numbers or information on organisation who could help Andreas. -with love, Susan
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I am so sorry for your friend. I know the feeling and I am real sorry for your friend passing away. I pray the best for you as well and once again, I am sorry :( Take care Forever and ever a # 1 RT Fan Jasmin
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Andreas, So sorry to hear about your friend. Please find someone to talk to. You have a LOT to live for. Things will get easier, in time. There are people who can show you that, for sure. And yes, God loves you! Please feel free to PM me if you need to. Hugs, Francie
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Andreas, so sorry to hear that news. You think reasonably, you have a lot to live for. We want you around. God loves you. Jesus loves you, yes, you! He cared so much for those who have trials and tribulations. Better days are ahead. Read the book of Psalms for inspiration. Listen carefully to the words of Randy Travis' inspirational hymns. God bless. Dr Don Givens