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How Tall? Several asked.

Several of you asked how tall Randy Travis is. Well, he is about my same height which is 5 ft. 11 inches. We have stood next to each other many times (I was his Minister in the church on Maui). Photos of the two of us standing next to each other are on - use the searchline "storms of life, don givens." We are the same height but Randy is much smaller than me and much better looking!
Dr Don Givens


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hey drgivens, since Randy has said in severa interviews he is about 5 10 and that was what he also told me once, maybe you should send him a note and tell him he is 5 11. . He may not know this. Interviews i've heard he has often alternated it betwween 5 9 ande 5 10. Just thought it worth a mention. Always and RT Fan Linda and Guide, Greg
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Randy is 5 ft 11 inches with his boots on! And the older I get the more I shrink!! I used to be six foot when I was in my 20s., but not now. Dr Don Givens