Randy's e-mail or home address

hi i just wanted to know if anybody has an e-mail or a home address for Randy. i looked all over the website and i couldn't find it.

Randy doesn't have anything to do with computers. If you have a question you can ask the team on this site. They are very good about answering questions quickly. Randy's home address is his bus lol. But seriously, I think that should remain confidential even though every fan wants it and would love to go visit. Hope you get your questions answered by the staff here.



I was needing to get hold of someone at Randy's management to try to find a song. The way he is is the song. From the movie frank and Jesse. Please help!

thanks but i didn't wanna go vistit him i wanted to mail him an invite. do you know if there is an address for Lance Day. when his daughter died there was a place to mail letters. jw

JW, I would imagine if you sent either of them mail to Randy's official office in Nashville, it would be passed on.

You might try that.

c/o Elizabeth Travis Management
1610 16th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212

Hope this helps.

Always and forever...An RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg

I couldn't remember that address. I didn't know Lance's last name was Day. He might be a shirttail cousin of mine. Sorry if I came off sounding like a smart aleck about Randy's address.


Hope to see some of you there at Billy Bob's!!

Denise, Lance's last name is Dary, not Day. As sometimes happens (too often it seems ;)when I'm typing I don't hit a key hard enough for the letter to print. Don't know if that is what happened for you when responding to Linda. Incase it was,n't I just thought I'd let you know that there is an "r" in there. Dee

thanks for the correction....I almost had a new cousin. I'll adopt him anyways.



Dee, I think Denise was just going by the initial post that also left it out so perhaps she didn't even really remember his name.

I have trouble with R's myself but my problem is on this keyboard, they don't seem to always want to capitalize and poor Randy sometimes gets a little r. I try to catch them because he deserves the best.

Always and Forever..An RT Fan
Linda and Guide, Greg